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Many of us are guilty of using one-liners from the Bible to justify a point we are trying to make. This blog posting challenges us to be sure that the context of the Bible verse is the same as how we are applying it. Today's media is being challenged to present the truth correctly—by ignoring the context that applies to a verse, Christian authors and pastors should be challenged to an even higher level or responsibility.

Today I completed a milestone: using the Pattern Analysis model I have completed 30% of the Bible. This is a verse by verse approach that shows the literary patterns used when the biblical text was written. By completing 9,400 of the Bible’s 31,000 verses, I have increased confidence that this model should work for the entire Bible.

This week I released an updated format for the webpages that display pattern analysis. The one in this article is a chiasm based on Acts 3:1-11.

Today I have completed cataloging 25% of the Bible using a tool coined Pattern Analysis. While I am not done with the cataloging, this article introduces this approach so you can decide its merit for yourself.

My hope is to help people learn how to read their Bible from the standpoint of thematic structures. The many gems that clarify the meaning of a passage are hidden within these structures. These gems then point to a Holy Spirit-type of interaction that emphatically reveals the meaning and application of the passage. My next book "Discovering Emphasis in the Bible", which Lord-willing will be published later this year, attempts to take people through that identification and discovery process.

Word duplication in the Hebrew portions of the Bible is another way to hear the strong emphasis from God. In English, we sometimes express ourselves with adverbs; in ancient Hebrew it was with word duplication. My hope in this article is to teach how you can recognize this duplication technique.

The Bible is much more than the words of some narrators which have been modified by men over the years. Instead, it is the Word given to you personally through the Holy Spirit so that you can know His character. This Daddy has not been away for a very long time. This Daddy communicates continuously, for the one who has an ear. He truly loves you.

An abbreviated list is the frequent appearance of listed items in the Bible but not all items are repeated. To put it another way, an abbreviated list is a literary device where the shortened form is representative of the whole.

To many people, a daily Bible reading plan may have stolen your precious time. I recommend using DIG, a tool based on the Bible's literary structure, that will help make your study time much more meaningful. Now you can get a free PDF of Chapter One from Discovering Emphasis in the Bible so you can find your time much more rewarding.

An ellipsis is a literary device to represent the omission of a word or words. In a biblical sense, it draws attention to what has been omitted. The result is that the ellipsis provides emphasis. When the ellipsis appears within a literary structure such as a chiasm, it behaves as if it were there.