Christian Author

Hi, my full name is Thomas B. Clarke but you may call me Tom.

I am a Christian author with a passion to teach others about Pattern Analysis in the Bible. I hope and pray people will learn how to hear the emphatic voice of the Holy Spirit through patterns in the Bible.

I am a mathematician who spent most of my professional years as a software developer. Mathematics is the study of patterns. For nearly twenty years and most intensely the last two years, I have identified and documented how these patterns appear in the Bible. What I see is that the Holy Spirit used patterns to provide His emphasis in seemingly unusual ways. They are everywhere throughout the Bible and they are very instructive!

A question I like to ask my students when reading the Bible is, ‘Why is it there?’ The answer I am looking for is a personal one, ‘How does it move you, motivate you?’ What I get out of a portion of the text may well be different from yours. My bible discernment and yours are God’s personal revelation to us individually from His written Word, the Bible. That is why people say the Bible is alive.

I have been preparing a book entitled Pattern Analysis Handbook that teaches the pattern analysis methods, and then a series of workbooks that apply these methods. None of these are currently available. It is hoped that these books will start being available in 2018. For a 10% off early–bird special, you may contact Tom at

On Sundays my wife and I have a small fellowship named Highlands Church that was recently started in our home. I teach pattern analysis by taking the class through a passage in the Bible. Lord willing, these teachings will someday be consolidated into one of those workbooks. If you are near Skaneateles, New York and would like to join us, please contact me so I can give you directions.

Prayer Gardeners is the name of my ministry and I publish under the name Bible Discernments. My prayer for you is that you will somehow catch some of this zeal, some of this passion for this wonderfully unique and beautiful book that we call the Bible. It is alive!

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